Simulated Cell Reception for the United States

Here you will find simulated radio coverage data for cellular phone towers within range of state and national parks in the state of Tennessee. The simulations take into account the position of the tower and the intervening terrain when calculating the strength of the signal that will be reported by your phone. Even these calculations are only esimates as we cannot account for man-made structures, vegetation, and other information that is not available from our data sources. Nonetheless, we hope that our estimate of an excellent, serviceable, poor, or unusable signal will be useful to you.

Our aim is to conduct simulations for every cell tower that is within range of a state or national park anywhere in the United States and that can be identified in public sources, such as the tower registration data from the FCC Antennae Stucture Registration database. Simulations use digital elevation data from the United States Geological Survey and the simulation software provide by NetwoRCSim, LLC. Geolocation to address translation uses services provided by GoogleMaps. Each simulation takes about 15 minutes and we have tens of thousands to complete. It will take some time to cover the entire United States, but we hope to reach your area soon!

Please send email to if you have comments, questions, or suggestions about this webpage, its contents, or the simulation technology that we are using.